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Part 7 - By David Marshall-Martin

Here is the last in the series of this great article David has written for our enjoyment.

Picture 29 Phantom Drophead Coupé. In 2004 at the Geneva Motor Show a design concept for a Rolls-Royce drophead called 100EX was presented. This was well received and production of a two door drophead commenced in 2007. Like the Phantom, the coupé’s two doors are rear hinged. The drophead is powered by the 6.75 litre V-12 with an overall length is 220.8 inches. This is a model of 100EX by PT Models of Italy.

Picture 30 Phantom Coupé. A coupé version of the Phantom was previewed in 2006 as 101EX. The coupe has the same motor, construct, dimensions and shape as the drophead. This is a Kyosho model.

Picture 31 Ghost. The Ghost was introduced as 200EX in 2009. It was designed to be a smaller, owner/driver car. Powered by a 6,592 cc V-12 twin turbo engine, the Ghost rides on a 212.6 inch chassis, with an added seven inches for the EWB. This is an IXO model.

Picture 32-Wraith. Rolls-Royce obviously likes the names used in the past. So in 2013, the Wraith was introduced. Based on the Ghost platform, the Wraith is a very attractive two door ‘fast-back’ shape reminiscent of the Bentley Continental of the 1950s and 1960s. Unusually this model has opening doors, bonnet and boot. Even more amazing is that this model is 1/64 scale, built by a reasonably new company-LJM Models. Very few scale models below 1/24 have opening doors and this is very an impressive feature in such a small scale model. Until a 1/43 model arrives this one will join it’s fellows in the display case.

Picture 33 Cullinan. In 2018 Rolls-Royce succumb to demand (and its competitors) and unveiled a luxury SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Named after a famous diamond, the Cullinan is built on a platform of 210 inches using the 6.75 litre petrol engine and has four-wheel drive. It retains coach doors to the rear. The look of the Cullinan is certainly not to everyone’s taste. Again no model in 1/43 scale is available-although it is possible to buy a 1/8 model (to match your real Cullinan). But, with amazing timing, Timemicro produced a scale model of the Cullinan, again in 1/64, but no opening parts on this model. Unfortunately, the Spirit of Ecstasy is out of proportion, and the centre wheel hub is just a straight line and rotates with the wheel. There are many varieties of this tiny model in multiple colours, with figurines and advertising logos available on-line. This goes into the display case as well.

This concludes my series on Rolls-Royce motor cars. My actual model collection is three times the number of models in this series. Why is this? Because before WWII all cars had coachbuilt bodies and the vast array of body styles makes each car very different. Phantom III Sedanca de Ville limousines are a good example of having many subtle different body styles. I want to buy more, but I am running out of display space.

Rolls-Royce has announced the next new car: the Spectre-an all electric vehicle due in 2023. Again a use of a name which Rolls-Royce had applied to a prototype many years ago which never went into production. I look forward to a scale model Spectre.

If our Esteemed Editor deems it acceptable we might run a series on Bentleys.

By David Marshall-Martin, GSM

From the editor: This has been a wonderful series. We sincerely thank David for all his time and energy to make it happen.

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