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The Sir Henry Royce Foundation has two Rolls-Royce Phantom Vs thanks to the generosity of three Club members. John Matheson and Jeanne Eve donated the Phantom V, chassis 5VF159. Ian Tonkin donated the Phantom V, chassis 5VF155. Both cars were part of the Commonwealth Government fleet. They are both H J Mulliner Park Ward limousines delivered in December 1967. As Commonwealth cars they were issued with Commonwealth of Australia registrations. 5VF155 was issued with C of A - ZSF-570 and 5VF159 with C of A - ZSF-571. These number plates were used when the cars were not on royal or vice-regal duty, when the Crown would be displayed. When the cars were on royal or vice-regal duty it was not possible to distinguish between them. However, when they were used for visiting dignitaries the red ‘Z’ plates were displayed and the Crown was covered. One such occasion was a visit by the King of Nepal in 1971. Both cars were used during the visit and because they were in mufti we can tell which is which.

Author: David Neely is an Honorary Life Member of the RROCA, George Sevenoaks Medal (NSW), SHRF Historical Consultant, co-author with Tom Clarke of ‘Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the Sunburnt Country’, author of ‘In the Rear-View Mirror – a History of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club, former editor of PRÆCLARVM and regular contributor of articles. He has owned a 1926 Phantom I, 1929 Phantom II, 1957 Bentley S1, 1963 Silver Cloud III and currently has a 1985 Silver Spirit [2020].

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