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By: John Shostrom 20 August, 2018

Reprinted with the author’s permission

Many of you have noticed, in this group and others, my repeated comments regarding improperly positioned bonnet centre strips on SY cars (and Corniche until Corni he III). The flat part of the strip should point forward, as it butts against the flat trailing edge of the grille shell. The tapered end should point directly at the windscreen.

My hat is off to those who haven’t taken offence, and have spent the time and effort to rectify the situation on their cars. To those who laugh it off as if it doesn’t matter, or worse, those who insist “I like it that way” I say rubbish. It matters: Rolls‐Royce didn’t make a habit of putting things on backwards or upside down, and in any event, where does one draw the line? Is it alright to mount a grille badge upside down, or a rear view mirror the wrong direction? Of course not!

“I like it that way.” No, you don’t. You simply don’t know any better because you lack the knowledge, and you haven’t looked close enough to learn about your car. Well here’s your chance.

To prove my point, please find a selection of photographs from factory brochures and publicity material. I have enlarged some of them for absolute clarity.

(total 3 pages – 14 images)

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